f-cell award winner 2017
Judging panel

Judging panel

The 2017 judging panel

The winning entry is selected by a panel comprising experts from the worlds of business, science and politics. The judges' decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.


  • Matthias Altmann, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH
  • Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, NOW GmbH
  • Thomas Gschwind, Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector
  • Prof. Angelika Heinzel, University of Duisburg, Head of the Centre for Fuel Cell Technology (ZBT)
  • Dr. Ludwig Jörissen, Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Lehnert, Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Dr. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research
  • Dr. Wolfram Münch, Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
  • Dr. Manuel Schaloske, emobil BW GmbH
  • Dr. Jörg Wind, Daimler AG