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BATTERY+STORAGE portrays stationary and mobile battery storage solutions in their concrete applications.

“Overall, we had a positive experience at the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS 2014. The conference was an absolute success, very comprehensive and was very well received. All of the trade fair visitors were professional visitors who came with specific requests and projects. The “Battery Production 2030” roadmap, which the VDMA presented at the trade fair, has attracted international attention. One thing is clear: We need the WORLD OF ENERGY SOLUTIONS.”
Peter Haan, Business Development Leader, OEM/Battery Production, Siemens AG, Industry Automation Division


BATTERY+STORAGE visitors are looking for solutions for

  • Automation and mass production
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety
  • Cost efficiency
  • System integration
  • Digitalization and smart connections
  • Mobile and stationary applications
  • Financing
  • And more.



  • Come from more than 30 different countries.
  • Work in industry, science and politics.
  • Work for battery manufacturers, component manufacturers, storage system manufacturers, service providers, equipment manufacturers, automobile companies, energy providers, government institutions and others.


BATTERY+STORAGE trade fair: Products and services extract:

  • Products and components: Battery storage
  • Production technologies
  • Stationary applications
  • Mobile applications, vehicles, power trains
  • Mobility concepts and infrastructure
  • Energy management systems
  • Services
  • Research and Development, education

For the BATTERY+STORAGE conference program, please see the menu “Conference”.